About Us

Meet Our Team

Kapuskasing Public Library Personnel:

  • Julie Latimer, Chief Executive Officer
  • Aliela Gaulin, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Jessica BeaulĂ©-Michaud, Clerk
  • Manon Lavoie, Clerk
  • Justin Francoeur, Student
  • Charlie Sylvain, Student

Our attentive and informed staff will answer your questions, offer assistance and provide information.

Mission Statement:

The Kapuskasing Public Library is committed to provide an environment that is conducive to learning, growth and development. It is a location where everyone is free to create, explore, learn and share in a welcoming atmosphere.

Vision Statement

The Kapuskasing Public Library is determined to:

  • Establish itself as one of the information centres in the community;
  • Provide updated information-gathering tools;
  • Develop programs for the enrichment of the community:
  • Ensure that our clients have a convenient, inviting and up-to-date facility that meets their changing needs.
  • Develop relationships with individuals and businesses to ensure continuous improvement.


We welcome the donation of books (less than three (3) years old) as well as monetary donations that will be utilised to purchase material, equipment or furnishings.  For more information, you may contact the CEO at (705) 335-3363.

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